Pressure Sensitive (Peel & Stick)

VelBuy Supply Brand Pressure Sensitive tape is an industrial strength rubber base pressure sensitive adhesive with a higher temperature range designed for easy application to most substrates*. High tack and quick setting for use in applications requiring fast turnaround - packaging, sporting goods, toys, medical, houshold, etc.  Adhesive reaches 90% bond strength in one hour.  Operating temperature range 0˚F to 120˚F.

Sold on 25 yard rolls -  Hook is sold separately from Loop.

*Rated good for use on the following substrates: ABS Acrylic, Aluminum, Ceramics, Drywall, Enamel Paint, Epoxy, Felt, Foams, Foil, Glass, Labels, Lacquered Wood, Lexan, Paper, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polysterene, Powder Paint, Rigid Vinyl, and Steel.

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